Is Your Dog Sneezing?

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Dogs, just like humans, have to sneeze occasionally. However, if your dog is sneezing constantly it could be a sign that something is just not quite right. Before you take your dog to the vets for a checkup, there are some ways to find out why is your dog sneezing. Common Reasons for your Dog [...]

Did you Know your Pets Age Faster Than You?

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Unfortunately, it's a fact that our pets age faster than we do. Just like aging in humans, advanced years brings more health issues for older pets. However, with the proper pet care and attention, there is much that you can do to help your dog or cat live a happy and fulfilled life even in [...]

Should your Dogs and Cats be Flossing?

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We all want to do everything we can for our adorable pets. However, when it comes to dental hygiene for dogs and cats, we can all sometimes be a bit negligent. Regular brushing and good oral hygiene practices are just as important for your pet's mouth as it is for yours. However, when it comes [...]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Heart Worm Prevention

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Heartworm is a life-threatening disease that is very easy to prevent and difficult to cure. Therefore, to keep your dog or cat in good health and save you costly medical bills, heartworm prevention is essential. Heartworm is a disease that passed on to dogs and cats by a mosquito bite. According to Sheldon Rubin on [...]