Boarding Programs

  • Cat Overnight Boarding – $32 per day
  • Dog Overnight Boarding – $46 per day
  • Late Check Out – After 12pm $20

Day Care Programs

  • Day Care Program- 5 days (M-F) of day care $200
  • Day Care Weekly Program Annual Subscription – Includes 12+ months of once weekly day care (55 in total) – (M-F ) -$183.33/mo
  • Day Care Daily Program Annual Subscription – Includes 12+ months of 5 days per week day care (260 in total) – (M-F) – $866.66/mo

Boarding & Day Care

At Banderas Pet Hospital & Boarding you know your pet will be safe and happy while you enjoy your vacation or business trip.

Your pet will enjoy his or her own private kennel (unless family members are requested to be housed together) and plenty of play timed in a safe exercise area always with a care giver in charge. The exercise area is spacious and provides more than ample room for your pet to remain active.

Our secure, outside “Observation Area” allows Dr. Cooper and the staff plenty of time to evaluate your pet while they interact with other carefully selected pets of similar temperament and social nature. They are always under staff supervision and altercations are rarely an issue.

Doctor Cooper is always present or on call in the event an unexpected illness occurs. An attempt will always be made to contact you before any treatment is begun.

Our feline “pet kids” stay in their own special “quiet room” we call their “Kitty Kastle”. In this room they can play in a 7 foot cat tree or in one of several brightly colored, multiple level kitty condo’s.

Special Needs Boarding

Cat walking on the grass
Our caring team at Banderas Pet Hospital & Boarding recognizes that some pets require extra time, love, and familiarity with their health issues requiring us to appropriately address their physical, emotional, and medical needs while they board.

For this reason, we offer Special Needs Boarding.

Our Special Needs Boarding is a comprehensive program that is specifically tailored to boarding pets with the following conditions or symptoms:

  • Diabetes
  • Seizures (epilepsy)
  • Senior pets
  • Pets requiring multiple medications
  • Chronic illness (asthma, kidney failure,  heart disease)
  • Requiring mobility assistance(arthritis, hind end weakness, paralysis)
  • Incontinence
  • Unique dietary requirements
  • Anxiety
  • Post surgical care
All Special Needs Boarding pets stay in an area devoted to the additional care they need and are monitored by our nursing staff and veterinarians. Banderas Pet Hospital & Boarding strives to give your pet love and attention in a safe, supportive environment so you will feel comfortable being away for a few days.

The Express Pass

White and black short coat puppy on black window car
When every minute counts and you need to drop your pet off in a hurry for boarding, we have 3 easy steps:
  1. Download and return to us (fax or bring in) the necessary forms, filled out and signed.
  2. We'll then give you an "EXPRESS PASS ADMIT" form.
  3. On the day you bring your pet in to board, just hand us the "EXPRESS PASS ADMIT" with your pet and off you go!
We can also make arraignments for an "EXPRESS PASS DISCHARGE" when your time is limited or you want someone else to pick your pet up. Just ask us about "EXPRESS PASS DISCHARGE" and we'll be happy go over all the details with you!