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Did you Know your Pets Age Faster Than You?

Unfortunately, it’s a fact that our pets age faster than we do. Just like aging in humans, advanced years brings more health issues for older pets. However, with the proper pet care and attention, there is much that you can do to help your dog or cat live a happy and fulfilled life [...]

Should your Dogs and Cats be Flossing?

We all want to do everything we can for our adorable pets. However, when it comes to dental hygiene for dogs and cats, we can all sometimes be a bit negligent. Regular brushing and good oral hygiene practices are just as important for your pet’s mouth as it is for yours. However, when [...]

True or False: Chocolate is Bad for Fido?

All dog owners want to give their pet a treat once in a while. However, chocolate is bad for dogs and can do them serious harm. Chocolate contains compounds that are toxic to dogs and can result in serious health problems. So, what are the reasons why chocolate is bad for your pet pooch? Here [...]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Heart Worm Prevention

Heartworm is a life-threatening disease that is very easy to prevent and difficult to cure. Therefore, to keep your dog or cat in good health and save you costly medical bills, heartworm prevention is essential. Heartworm is a disease that passed on to dogs and cats by a mosquito bite. According to Sheldon Rubin on [...]

Good Boy: How to Train Your Pet

Knowing how to train your pet properly can be one of the biggest challenges for dog owners. To train your pet dog successfully, factors like their emotional makeup, temperament, and personality have to be taken into consideration. So, what can you do if your dog constantly barks, jumps up on others, or shows aggression to [...]

Never Worry About Heartworms Again!

8 Super Simple Tips for Staying on Top of Your Pet’s Monthly Medications. What are heartworms exactly? The American Heartworm Society says, “Heartworm disease is a serious and potentially fatal disease in pets in the United States and many other parts of the world. It is caused by foot-long worms (heartworms) that live in [...]

Managing Chronic Pain In Dogs

Managing Chronic Pain In Dogs Dogs feel pain by the same pathways as humans. However, since they cannot “tell us where it hurts” it can take a little more investigating to determine where the pain is coming from. Dog also instinctively will try to hide pain as a mechanism of survival so it [...]

Warning for seasonal toxic algae blooms

The state is asking us to spread attention to the increased risk for algae blooms in California. Since a lot of you are camping and getting some fresh air, I thought now would be a good time to review this. Blue-green algae can cause illness particularly in dogs and people. Toxic blooms occur throughout California [...]

Dr. Google, DVM

I have been seeing more and more people with huge hearts trying to help their pets. Unfortunately, veterinary medicine is an extended degree just to learn what they can and cannot have – put simply, pets are not small people. They have very different metabolisms and those change depending on the type of drug and [...]

6 feet of happy dogs

While everyone spending most of their time separate from others, there is one benefit that we are getting to see a lot more dogs out and about for walks! This is good for everyone’s physical and emotional health, including your dogs (who are wondering why you are all in their home all day)! I thought [...]

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